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>South Bend Disappoints

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On the radio or on the phone we find out that Notre Dame has upset Michigan at Michigan—big news for the fighting Irish. We happen to be approaching South Bend from the east on HWY 80 and since the tank is low we figure a detour is in order. Overjoyed college kids we’re thinking. Drunken revelry we’re thinking. We were thinking wrong. We had high hopes as we paid our $2.40 toll and chatted with the toll-lady—she talked about her son who drove up for the game, she said the town was set to be wild. I asked her if she was drinking in the booth to which she gave a mean look and opened the gate.
    We made it to the campus—which was beautiful—and drove around the dorms and stadium. We found evidence of fun-times-had in the form of empty beer cases. High-fives all around. Near the stadium we saw a few people who looked as though they were oblivious to the fact Notre Dame even had a football team. We drove on and passed a promising group, young coeds sporting the ‘we enjoy a frosty beverage thank you’ look and we slowed for a better look. No one even looked inebriated. Not even slightly. What a drag. We drove around an empty apartment complex before filling up and giving up. Everyone must be at church, where, given the Catholic surroundings, bending can technically occur, giving thanks for the win. “Lord Jesus, Thank you for sending Charlie Wiess and helping slay the sinful Wolverines. Hail Mary, pray for us,” and whatnot. We decided that it’s not our scene, nothing against the Church mind you, but wine has never been my bag so we take a snapshot of sign to prove we were there, a sign more colorful than the town itself, and make the final plunge towards Chicago.

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