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First and foremost, this post goes out to our wonderful Denver host’s Brie and Katie and roommate whom I never met, but whose bed I slept so soundly in. If your looking to sleep on random couches across the world sign up for couchsurfing.com

We got to Denver and met Brie at her bowling alley, which was great because otherwise we would have met her for the first time shithoused—why you ask? because after we met Brie we went straight to the Great American Beer Festival We used our devilish good looks and charm to get in for free, well, that and a request for media passes, and from there we enjoyed countless different beers and endless drunken banter with other drunks. Unlike so many bars and especially clubs where people have an attitude for whatever reason everyone here was jovial and excited and it made for hours upon hours of smiling faces and boisterous cheers. Great fun. After the fest we hung with Brie and roommate Katie and met and laughed and enjoyed the wonderful fun that can only occur when perfect strangers act like long time friends.
    The next morning after dining on eggs and bacon (thanks again Brie) we headed over to Brie’s bowling alley for, you guessed it, bowling. It was good fun, Katie taught us this new way of playing, check it: after a strike you tell the person after you what to do as pertains to bowling. Some examples: I made Katie bowl with her laces tied together, Katie made Brian bowl while doing a jig and Brian made bowl while jumping on one leg (the bad one, sorry mom) and clucking like a chicken. We couldn’t decide if we wanted to stay with our great new friends or high tail it to Albuquerque for the mass ascension in the morning. In the end we high tailed it Albuquerque (learning to spell Albuquerque was quite a lot of work, as was) driving all night only to wake up the next morning.

Second and last-most, some pictures:
As you can see, fun times were had by all.

Brian and these guys were looking forward to this years ‘Mustache Convention’, unfortunately only the middle guy will attend this years “Haircut Like A Complete Doofus Convention”

I met this guy, Brian didn’t which is fortunate because if there’s one thing to shame a man it’s mustache envy.

Brie’s super hip bowling alley.


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