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>Catching Up

In Uncategorized on October 4, 2005 at 3 am

>Like always visit Brian’s Blog for more detailed idea of what went down.

This is going to be a picture update, not much inspired writting in my mind (see: Livingston update) but I want to get updated, so here I go:

Quick thoughts on Seattle: Lots of bums. What’s striking to me is that some rich folks will build shelters and give handouts but I bet you if one of these many bums even sat down in their neighborhoods he would be removed quick. It’s OK for em’ to shit and piss and be an eyesore and in peoples face if it’s in the poor folks area, but nowhere else. I say let’s not put the shelters by poor working folks, lets build em in middle class America, lets put the welfare lines and soup kitchens right next to Joe Liberal’s house, hey, liberalism is founded on helping people, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind, right?

OK, picture time, in chrono-order (click for larger version)

Inside the amazing Seattle library. Like a playgroud…WITH BOOKS!!

Our campsite: Somewhere, Washington.

In Ketchum, Brian’s best friend Ryan explains proper head crushing technique

Your humble travelers in a Ketchum bar.

Fields of lava, yes lava, in Idaho. Jamie Fred, how cool is that?

The canyon we camped next to, notice Brian on the right? That was where the tent was. If you don’t notice him there, well, trust me it was there, oh yeah, and nice eyes.

We drove next to this on the way to Denver. It was such a great a drive, plus it reminded me that God makes much better shit than I do.

More cool sights next to the road.

Just like a child, I still love a good tunnel.

Pushing towards Denver driving straight into this, OK, Ok, I’ll stop with the Denver driving shots.


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