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Not much to say about San Fran, cool city, shitty weather, felt kind of like a place that could call home. Here is a quick, pointless anecdote and some pictures:
On the way to Timmy’s (aka. the beave) we drive through a seedy part of town see some prostitutes. It reminded me of a funny story about my own childish innocence and literal mindedness, a story that I now share with you. During the movie ‘White Fang’ Ethan Hawk walks through town and some whores look him over and give em’ the ‘open for business and for you it could be free’ look. But at the time I didn’t understand this innuendo so I asked my mom who those women were. She said simply, ‘those women sell themselves to men.’ I wrestled with this notion for many weeks after. First, why in the hell would men want a piece of a women and two, how could the women just cut off a piece of themselves? Did it hurt? How come the women in the movie didn’t have any bandages? Did they keep them hidden? Could a woman ever run out pieces to give? It blew my mind and for a long while after that I tried to visualize how this new idea worked. Anyway seeing these whores in San Fran brought that back to me somehow, maybe I was thinking about the gold rush out here and in turn that movie, I know it’s pointless but it’s these sort of things you lose along the way in this busy life and these were the things I was hoping to rediscover on this trip.


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