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>So’s I’m pretty tired and empty in the writing department, Brian pretty much said it all about the past few days. We drank late, woke up early and saw sights. It was a whirlwind run from Memphis to Nashville to Birmingham to Tampa all happening in 3 days. It was great to see the family again, we got into Tampa and seeing Scott with his girlfriend was wonderful, I love that kid so damn much and love being with his friends where he feels and acts much more natural. I also love that despite my shortfalls as a brother I can see in his eyes a true admiration of me and I can see he is proud of being my little brother, even if he kicks my ass in a huge way. I now give you photos of friends being friends during that time:
Alex and Brian
This is how most Eric and Brian arguments end, a nice middle finger response. Ok there a few that end in fistacuffs but thats another story entirely
Music City USA
Gutter is a fantastic human specimen. Look how small he makes this 10 story house look.
Nick “Hollaratchyaboy” Rogers and Jon “Def Naz” Pasierb. I’ve had many an adventure with these dudes.
My brother and his girl, Jackie. She is so cool we had the heat on and still, two guys froze to death. Yes, that damn cool.
Me and the Guanze.

  1. >All that great stuff to say about your brother, and not one word about The World’s Greatest Mom??? What kind of crap is that?!!!!Just kidding.It was wonderful to have you here: the talks were good, beachin’ was good, family games were great fun, I enjoyed buying dinner for two guys who appreciate good food…..but the laughing was AWESOME. We all miss laughing with you when you are away and are forced to resort to telling Eric stories. I am so glad (and grateful) that Brian was willing to come all the way here. It was great to see you both, share thoughts on books, music, and various other topics, hear stories about the trip, and just share some good times with the family.

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