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>Better late than never. Unless it’s death, which pretty much always sucks whenever it arrives.

In Uncategorized on June 3, 2006 at 1 am

>Sorry for the delay. Internet is hard to come by and pricey, like for example to sum up the town, the bank only is in town once a week. Life has been more or less a non-stop vacation with little or no adventure, or maybe lots depending on your definition. Surf, sleep, eat, eat, surf, read, etc. has been the status quo. Sometimes we party with the great friends we’ve met and sometimes we hitch rides to places because we are bored. Once we rented a car/mobile hotel room with 6 French-Canadians and visited a volcano and waterfalls where Richard promptly fell 20 feet and had to be taken by horseback out of there. His feet are healing up and the horse is still seeing a shrink from the expereicne but hey, the doctor bill was free! One day I put on my pants and got bit by something in the crotch, like if my leg is Virginia and my twig and berries are DC I got hit right in the Potomac. Anyway, it hurt like hell and I couldn’t find out what did it, for hours Richard said it was a scorpion to try and scare me and I was good and scared, so scared that I changed pants later that night and WHAM! another bite, this time in the left leg. After ripping the pants off I stood naked before the culprit, a scorpion. Sometimes I go fishing with a local Tico and use their method which is a board and a string you lasso into the water. He caught a fish a day I wasn’t around and faught it for an hour and a half, that is he wrapped the line BY HAND around the board. Good fun. There’s bugs and critters and monkeys who sound like satan in our backyard (read: jungle) and free time galore and this life ain’t for everyone but I actually excell at it. NOw some photos:

THe 5 minute walk to the beach

A sideways waterfall, gravity is a bitch sometimes

eating at the farmers market

a guy who builds whatever that is behind him

JOn and the fishing board.


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