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>a random day in which I did many things

In Uncategorized on June 14, 2006 at 2 am

>This will be random and porrly worded because I have no time and I’m random and write poorly worded to begin with.

This was a busy day.

After a gallo pinto breakfast we paddled out. The waves were huge and immediatly I feel nervous in their size and strength. I catch a big wave and get out of it and feel my leash break away and I am out in the water alone. Nervous and alone. Fuck. I yell for Richard and after a few big waves crash on my face I swim for what feels like miles and stand on land and in my fear and exhaustion I can’t help but laugh.
LAter that day at low tide I go out to gather shells and wood for windchimes/ornaments I plan on making and selling (in the end I sold three and made 12 bucks, which considering the minimum wage is $1.50 here is decent work) I walk along the path to the beach and here the raindrop like footsteps of a hundred tropical crabs as they scurry away from me, the mamouth and giant creature nearing closer and closer. Their bright orange legs and deep purple sheels contrast against the fallen green and I laugh at their numbers and their colors and their fear.
I walk along the beach and reach a cove, it’s banks exposed and every inch teaming with movment and life. Fish dart around the tide pools, crabs move like raindrops across the water-worn rock, hermit crabs by hundreds lumber around seemingly aimless, crabs shoot in abd out of their holes on the waters edge, barnecles lay motionless but alive beneath my every step. The ocean pours on the rocks and pulls off only to smash back onto the rocks, the sand shifts, the rocks slowly wear down and the earth spins below a sky over ever-changing and ever-moving clouds. I find an arch big enough to walk under and I do, twice, simply becasue I can. I find a huge tide pool and search for life. I find a bright yellow, alomst human face staring back at me. It’s so human like I check to make sure it isn’t in fact a bloated human head. The face just stares back emotionless from it’s perch between to rocks. I decide I need to poke it and see how it swims. I find a stick and inch it closer to the fish, but, at the last minute, I decide I need a larger stick. When I finally poke the fish it lazily bangs it’s head into the stick as if to say “stop that, fuckhead” and it swims off, which looks like moth wings on the sides of a canteloupe and with it’s fluttering fins and a few lazy flicks of it’s tail it floats off to safter less curious-dude-with-a-sitck infested waters. I collect more stuff and watch waves explode into a million pieces as they hit the rocks adn go home.
That night we head to a Tico bar. As we get there the sun is plunging back behind the ocean and we all watch it before a wall of rain miles to our left and a stretch of black silluetted land and a sky of fire to our right. ONce it’s dark we settle down and put back beers and more beers and watch Ticos sing Kareoke. I sing Hotel California and when I’m done so does Richie and so does a local after that. We start dancing with local women and an old lady holds me close and twirls me and kisses me excitedly, friendly and firmly on the lips with a grin. We are all good and fucked and hop into the back off a truck around 1:00 to head to THE night club in the area. During the ride with 5 locals, some Canadians and us rattling over pot holes and flowing through the night and I can’t help but lauhg at the absurdity and randomness of it all and the club is uneventful but busy and we head home where I settle into a immidate and heavy drunken sleep.


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