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In Uncategorized on June 16, 2006 at 12 am

pics at the bottom underneathe tyhis cheesy writing. The tree called Eric, they want their sap back. CLick on an image to enlarge (I wished that worked on other things you know what I´m saying?)

This, that and the other. Where have I been what have I done?
I´ve sat on a bus for hours on end listening to my favorite songs the whole way as my friends marvel at the strange sensation of hours without hearing my voice.
I´ve remembered the joy of hostels, sleeping with 5 strangers and three friends and the city breathing and humming outside the window and though all my love is miles away I still feel so completely and utterly conent
I´ve fallen in a possibly endless hole in the street while reading a map made by my friend KiKe on the way to his house in San Jose. I proably almost died if I´d been a shorter man with shorter arms. Thanks Mom and Dad.
I´ve visited Puerto Viejo and meet and drank (a lot) with Rastamen and snorkeled with what must have been a 50 pound lobster which we treid to catch and might have killed beneath a rock.
I´ve been to a bar that filled me with such tranquil peace and satisfaction that I wished with all of me that I could capture the moment and have each and everyone of you feel it or hold it. But I couldn´t and didn´t and I wrote some words down but they are small and incomplete.

I took many pictures. I don´t knmow which one becasue I can´t see what I updated but one of these I´m walking like such a dope the second the camera clicked, but that walking may have saved my life in the hole falling thing, so thats why I put it up. Also these are in random order, my friend with the beers are both lefthanded and play guitar lefthanded which is pretty rare and the sunset we stay up all night for and the world cup pics are up, check out the men staring at the tube and the maniquins staring out at the men.


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